Canto 04, Chapter 04: Sati Quits Her Body – Quiz

01. Sati, after hearing words of wisdom from her husband Lord Shiva________.
a)   Sati decided not to go to her father’s place
b)   Sati very much appreciated her husband
c)   Sati still went to her father’s place to take revenge on her father
d)   Sati still went to her father’s place due to womanly weakness
02. When Sati with her followers reached the arena________.
a)   No one received her including her mother and sisters
b)   Only her mother and sisters welcomed her
c)   Her father, prajapati Daksa gave a warm welcome
d)   Everybody ran away from their respective places
03. Sati was very much aggrieved because_________.
a)   There were no oblations for her husband
b)   Daksa failed to invite her exalted husband
c)   Daksa did not receive her either
d)   All the above
04. Why was Sati’s anger reasonable?
a)   Because Daksa was insulting a great Vaisnava 
b)   Because no one stood up as she entered the sacrificial arena
c)   Because she was the daughter of Daksa
d)   Because Lord Shiva, her husband was also angry on Daksa
05. Lord Shiva is also called as________for he can be easily satisfied.
a)   Neelakantha
b)   Yogesvara
c)   Shambhu
d)   Asutosa 
06. A highest quality of a Vaishnava is to________.
a)   See only good in others
b)   See only bad in others
c)   See both good and bad
d)   See an insignificant goodness and to magnify it
07. Sati decides to give up her body because_________.
a)   She has received it from Daksha and Daksha had insulted Lord Shiva
b)   She was frightened to go back to Lord Shiva
c)   She had no alternatives as she was pressurized by Daksha to do so
d)   She was in terrible anger of her own insult
08. Lord Shiva does not belong to any varna or ashrama because_________.
a)   He is the husband of Sati
b)   He is in the paramahamsa stage
c)   He is very merciful
d)   None of the above
09. While giving up her body, Sati meditated on__________.
a)   The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Krishna
b)   The lotus feet of her husband, Lord Shiva
c)   The creator of all living entities, Lord Brahma
d)   The terrible face of her father, Prajapati Daksha
10. Sati gave up her body by absorbing herself in the process of__________.
a)   Hatha Yoga
b)   Bhakthi Yoga
c)   Astanga Yoga
d)   Mystic Yoga
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10
Answer: d b d a d d a b b d
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