Canto 04, Chapter 03: Talks Between Lord Shiva and Sati – Quiz

01. Dakshayani is another name of________.
a)   Akuti
b)   Sati
c)   Prasuti
d)   Devahuti
02. ________is also addressed as Nilakantha.
a)   Lord Bhrama
b)   Lord Vishnu
c)   Lord Shiva
d)   LordKrishna
03. Sati was keen to go to her father’s place because________.
a)   Daksa was sick
b)   Sati heard that a big ceremony was held there and all relatives would be present
c)   Sati wanted to be far from Shiva
d)   Sati was specifically invited by Daksa to attend the ceremony
04. Sati was advised not to go to her father’s house by Shiva because________.
a)   Daksa was too proud and would not treat his daughter also properly
b)   Daksa had not invited Shiva
c)   Shiva did not like Daksa
d)   Daksa was very poor
05. Being in Vasudeva state means_________.
a)   Being free from material contamination and situated in pure Krishna Consciousness
b)   Being aloof of material or spiritual benefits
c)   A state of deep meditation
d)   Being strongly attached to material desires


Question No. 01 02 03 04 05
Answer: b c d a a
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