Canto 03, Chapter 14: Pregnancy of Diti in the Evening – Quiz

01. Diti’s father’s name was ________.
a) Kardama Muni 
b) Kashyapa 
c) Daksha 
d) Svyambhuva Manu
02. Daksha Prajapati had married ________of his daughters to Kashyapa Muni.
a) 2 
b) 8 
c) 13 
d) 18
03. Diti approached her husband to have children at_________.
a) Most inauspicious hour 
b) The time when horrible-looking ghosts are visible 
c) The time when Lord Siva travels with his ghost companions 
d) All the above
04. Diti, after realizing her fault of not listening to her husband, begged him to bless her so that she may not be cursed by Lord Siva and also Lord Siva_________.
a) Is her brother-in-law 
b) Is the worshippable Lord of all women 
c) Is the fulfiller of all material desires 
d) All the above
05. Kashyapa foretold Diti that the sons in her womb__________.
a) Would cause constant lamentation to all the 3 worlds 
b) Would kill poor, faultless living entities, torture women etc, 
c) Will be killed by the Supreme Personality of Godhead 
d) All the above
06. Kasyapa also said to Diti that her grandson Prahlad__________.
a) Will be the topmost devotee of the Lord and would be the greatest of the great souls 
b) Will be always situated in transcendental ecstasy 
c) Will enter spiritual sky at the end of his life 
d) All the above
07. On hearing the future spoken by her husband, Diti__________.
a) Was pleased 
b) Was furious 
c) Was bewildered 
d) Was anxious
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Answer: c c d d d d a
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