Canto 03, Chapter 15: Description of the Kingdom of God – Quiz

01. Diti’s children were in her womb for __________ years.
a) 10 
b) 12 
c) 100 
d) 1000
02. The trees of the Vaikuntha planets are_________.
a) Spiritual and personal 
b) Always in all seasons filled with flowers and fruits 
c) Wish fulfilling trees 
d) All the above
03. _______ is given special preference by the Lord among all flowers and leaves.
a) Tulasi 
b) Campaka 
c) Bakula 
d) Parijata
04. The ladies of Vaikunta planets always desire to_________.
a) Receive the grace of the Supreme Lord 
b) Wear beautiful ornaments 
c) Look beautiful 
d) Be the best
05. Vaikuntha puri has _________ entrances.
a) 1 
b) 3 
c) 5 
d) 7
06. The 4 boy sages headed by Sanaka were stopped by ______ at the 7th entrance of Vaikuntha.
a) Lord Narayana 
b) 2 door keepers Jaya and Vijaya 
c) Laxmi, the goddess of fortune 
d) Other sages
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06
Answer: c d a a d b
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