Canto 03, Chapter 13: The Appearance of Lord Varaha – Quiz

01. The Supreme Lord as boar came out of Brahma’s ________.
a) Forehead 
b) Eyes 
c) Nostril 
d) Ears
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02. Lord in the form of boar had _________ complexion.
a) Greenish 
b) Bluish 
c) Grayish 
d) Blackish
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03. ___________ are the plates of sacrifice of the Lord.
a) Ears 
b) Mouth 
c) Tongue 
d) All the above
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04. Lord Boar took the earth on His tusks and got it out of _______.
a) Clouds 
b) Ground 
c) Water 
d) Mountain
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05. Lord’s __________ is the place for three desires.
a) Neck 
b) Tusks 
c) Tongue 
d) All the above
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05
Answer: c b d c d
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