Canto 03, Chapter 01: Questions by Vidura Quiz

01. When Krishna came to Hastinapura before the war, to make peace treaty, He first went to ________‘s house.
a) Indra 
b) Vidura 
c) Duryodhana 
d) Karna   

02. When Vidura spoke words of wisdom to Dhratarastra__________.
a) Dhratarastra valued them 
b) Vidura was insulted by Duryodhana 
c) Duryodhana angrily asked him to leave the place 
d) Both band c

03. After leaving Hastinapura, Vidura_________.
a) Went to Dwaraka 
b) Went to the Pandavas 
c) Travelled to Holy places 
d) Went in seclusion in the forest

04. At _______ Vidura came to know that all his relatives had died.
a) Prabhasa 
b) Indraprastha 
c) Kanyakuari 
d) Dwaraka

05. Vidura met Uddhava at the bank of_________.
a) Narmada 
b) Yamuna 
c) Ganga 
d) Saraswati

06. Vidura asked Uddhava about the welfare of__________.
a) Vasudeva and Devaki 
b) The sons of Lord Krishna 
c) Pandavas 
d) All the above

07. Samba in his previous birth was___________.
a) Ganesh 
b) Kartikeya 
c) Lakshmana 
d) Chitraketu

Question No.  01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Answer: a d c a b d b
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