Canto 02, Chapter 09: Answers by Citing the Lord’s Version – Quiz

01. External energy is controlled by the ______________.
a)   Living entity
b)   Lord
c)   Internal energy
d)   Brahma
02. What is the first sinful will of the living entity?
a)   To becoming the Lord
b)   To becoming the servant of the servant of Lord.
c)   To becoming wealthy more & more.
d)   To misusing the power.
03. Out of 8,400,000 species, there are ___________ species of worms and reptiles in the different planets of the universe.
a)   90,000
b)   1,00,000.
c)   1,10,000.
d)   120,s the pure condciounnnrdd00.
04. In the conditional life, the living entity is servant of _____________.
a)   The maya
b)   The lord.
c)   The maya & lord both.
d)   Neither maya nor lord.
05. By which yoga, one can understand Lord perfectly?
a)   Jnana yoga
b)   Karma yoga.
c)   Dhyan yoga.
d)   Bhakti yoga.
06. The power of creation by Lord Brahma was achieved by ____________.
a)   Jnana yoga
b)   Karma yoga.
c)   Dhyan yoga.
d)   Bhakti yoga.
07. In Sanskrit language, the consonant alphabets are divided into ________ divisions.
a)   Two
b)   Three.
c)   Four.
d)   Five.
08. Penance is the beauty and wealth of the ________________.
a)   Shudras
b)   Vaishyas
c)   Kshatriyas
d)   Brahmanas
09. Who is the original spiritual master of our universe?
a)   Lord Shiva
b)   Vyasa deva
c)   Lord Brahma
d)   Narada Muni
10. Controlling the senses refers to _____________.
a)   Engaging senses in the transcendental service of the Lord.
b)   Engaging senses in the own sense enjoyment
c)   Engaging the senses in the service of Society
d)   None of these
11. The trouble accepted in executing _________________ is transcendental happiness from the very beginning.
a)   Dhyana Yoga
b)   Bhakti Yoga
c)   Karma Yoga
d)   Jnana Yoga
12. The material body is overcast with ______ kinds of miserable conditions.
a)   3
b)   4
c)   5
d)   6
13. The Vaikuntha Loka is free from the illusory manifestation of the ______________.
a)   Internal energy
b)   External energy
c)   Internal & external energy
d)   None of these
14. In Vaikuntha Loka, the inhabitants have _________ hands.
a)   2
b)   4
c)   100
d)   unlimited
16. What are the five sense objects of human life?
a)   Earth, water, air, fire and sky
b)   The hand, the leg,the stomach, the evacuation outlet and the genitals
c)   The eye, ear, nose, tongue and skin
d)   Form, taste, smell, sound and touch
17. Are the five seThose poeple who spoil their lives with ulterior motives are known as __________.
a)   Jnanis
b)   Devotees
c)   Kuta Yogis
d)   Lord
18. What is the ultimate realization of the Supreme Truth?
a)   Realization of the impersonal Brahman
b)   Realization of the localized Paramatma
c)   Knowing and seeing face to face the Supreme lord
d)   None of these
19. As per the Bhagavad-Gita, How can one attain supreme abode of Lord?
a)   By one always being mindful of Him
b)   By always being His devotee
c)   By always worshipping Him only
d)   All of these
20. Penance is the _____________ potency of the Lord.
a)   Internal
b)   External
c)   Tatastha
d)   None of these
21. How can one achieve the perfection of desire?
a)   by fulfilling the desires of our senses
b)   by worshipping demigods
c)   by serving the societies
d)   by serving the supreme lord
22. What is the natural constitutional position of the living entity?
a)   to be an instrument in the hands of the country
b)   to be an instrument in the hands of the society
c)   to be instrumental to the direct will of the Lord
d)   None of these
23. There are ________ kinds of humors in relationship with the Personality of Godhead.
a)   4
b)   5
c)   6
d)   7
24. What is the meaning of “Rahasyam”?
a)   Jnana
b)   Karanamimamsa
c)   Dhyana
d)   Bhakti
25. The form of the _______________ exists in all circumstances of creation, maintenance and annihilation.
a)   Lord Brahma
b)   Lord Vishnu
c)   Lord Indra
d)   Lord Ganesha
26. The right conclusion of dovetailing everything in relationship with the Lord is called ______________.
a)   Yoga-maya
b)   Maha-maya
c)   Adi-bhautik shakti
d)   Adhyatmik shakti
27. __________ is the sound incarnation of the Lord.
a)   Brahma
b)   Dhanvantari
c)   Srimad Bhagavatam
d)   King Bhoj
28. The Lord is situated in the hearts of all living beings as ______________.
a)   Brahman
b)   Paramatma
c)   Atma
d)   Bhagvan
29. Without attainment of the status of ___________, all the activities of human society are to be considered absolute failures only.
a)   Raja-yoga
b)   Jnana-yoga
c)   Karma-yoga
d)   Bhakti-yoga
30. Who is the original speaker of Srimad Bhagavatam?
a)   Lord Brahma
b)   Lord Krishna
c)   Vyasadeva
d)   Narada Muni
31. According to Gopal Tapani Upanishad, the lord appeared in front of Brahmaji as a ________________.
a)   Prince
b)   Sage
c)   Cowboy
d)   Begger

32. What is the meaning of “Ajanah” which is mentioned in this verse?
a)   Living entity
b)   Demigod
c)   Supreme person
d)   Yogi
33. For what purpose, the senses of living entities are made?
a)   For the service of the Lord or his devotees
b)   To engage in own sense enjoyment
c)   To engage in worship of demigods
d)   To engage in the service of public welfare
34. According to Shastra, which life is considered as animal life?
a)   Restricted life of sense gratification
b)   Unrestricted life of sense gratification
c)   Life rendered for the loving service of of lord
d)   None of these
35. Upasana kanda refers to _________.
a)   Fruitive work
b)   Transcendental knowledge
c)   Devotional service
d)   None of these
36. Brahmaji handed over the knowledge of Bhagavatam to his disciple ____________.
a)   Fruitive work
b)   Four kumaras
c)   Vyasa deva
d)   Narada muni
37. Srimad Bhagavatam contains _______ characteristics.
a)   5
b)   10
c)   12
d)   16
38. Vyasadeva meditating on supreme personality of godhead on the bank of the River _______________.
a)   Ganges
b)   Yamuna
c)   Sarasvati
d)   Godavari
Question No.  01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Answer: b a c a d b a d d a b c b b   c d c d a
Question No.  21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38    
Answer: d c c d b a c b d d c c a b c d b c    
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