Canto 02, Chapter 10: Bhagavatam Is the Answer to All Questions – Quiz

01. In the Srimad-Bhagavatam, there are _________ divisions of statements.
a) seven 
b) ten 
c) twelve 
d) sixteen
02. For what reason, the nine other symptoms are described in Srimad Bhagavatam?
a) To isolate the transcendence of the liberation 
b) To isolate the transcendence of the creation 
c) To isolate the transcendence of the science of god 
d) To isolate the transcendence of the summum bonum
03. How many elements are used in the creation of matter?
a) sixteen 
b) twenty-four 
c) sixty-four 
d) eighty-four
04. In how many verses, the ten divisional symptoms of the Srimad Bhagavatam are explained?
a) five 
b) six 
c) seven 
d) eight
05. _______________ is the the first purusha incarnation of Lord Krishna.
a) Anirudhha 
b) sankarshana 
c) Maha-vishnu 
d) Brahma
06. living entities are the parts & parcel of _____________ energy of lord.
a) internal 
b) marginal 
c) external 
d) none of these
07. _______________ is the the third purusha incarnation of Lord Krishna.
a) maha-vishnu 
b) garbhodakshayi vishnu 
c) karanodakshayi vishnu 
d) Kshirodakshayi vishnuge
08. The conditioned souls, who take this material creation as the place for satisfaction of the senses get illusioned by the ____________ energy of Lord Vishnu.
a) marginal 
b) external 
c) internal 
d) none of these
09. Why the material world is created by Lord?
a) for the salvation of the conditioned souls 
b) for the enjoyment of lords & his devotees 
c) for the enjoyment of conditioned souls 
d) none of these
10. ____________ is the last word of the Absolute Truth.
a) Atma 
b) brahman 
c) Yoga 
d) Bhagavan
11. What is the ultimate reason for the preparetion of the Srimad Bhagavatam?
a) to get actual knowledge of nature of material world 
b) to explain Krishna or the science of Krishna 
c) to gain mystic powers from demigods 
d) to get knowledge to rule over the material world
12. The individual controlling deity of the senses is called ____________ person.
a) adibhautic 
b) adhyatmic 
c) adhidaivic 
d) none of these
13. Who is the controller of the light?
a) Sun-god 
b) moon-god 
c) Indra 
d) ashvinikumaras
14. Why the individual living entity always dependent on the Supersoul?
a) to lord it over supersoul 
b) living entity forgets his spiritual identity 
c) living entity wants to forget his spiritual identity 
d) he is the origin of the supersoul
15. the Lord’s pastimes related to the creation and destruction of the material world are for ________.
a) those who are the advanced devotees of the Lord 
b) those who are too much materially attached 
c) those who are neophyte devotees of lord 
d) None of these
16. Why lord is known as “Narayana”?
a) He is the maintainer of the cosmic universe 
b) He is the supreme person 
c) He resides on the transcendental water 
d) He reside in Vaikuntha Loka
17. The potency of supreme Lord’s lordship divides into ___________ catagories.
a) three 
b) four 
c) five 
d) six
18. The individual living entities are completely dependent on the total energy of the _____________.
a) Indra 
b) Shiva 
c) Brahma 
d) Maha-vishnu
19. Who is the controlling deity for all relishable juices?
a) agni 
b) chandra 
c) varuna 
d) pavana
20. When the whole phenomenal world become visible?
a) after the creation of the moon 
b) after the creation of the sun 
c) after the creation of the light 
d) after the creation of the fire

21. The skin, the skin pores and the hairs on the body are all interdependent with the sensation of __________.
a) hear 
b) smell 
c) taste 
d) touch
22. The senses of living entity are controlled by _____________.
a) the living entity 
b) the mind 
c) the intellegence 
d) the demigods
23. _________ is controlling deity of legs manifested to control movement.
a) Brahma 
b) Shiva 
c) Vishnu 
d) Indra
24 Who is the controlling deity of the genital organ?
a) Indra 
b) Shiva 
c) prajapati 
d) Ashvini-kumaras
25. ___________ is the controlling deity of the evacuating hole, anus, and the sensory organ.
a) Mitra 
b) Varuna 
c) agni 
d) ganesha
26. Which part of the body gives shelter to death & the seperating force?
a) mouth 
b) nose 
c) heart 
d) naval
27. Lord Brahma was born of the abdominal hole of _______________.
a) Karanodakashayi Vishnu 
b) Garbhodakashayi Vishnu 
c) Kshirodakashayi Vishnu 
d) Maha-Vishnu
28. Who is controlling deities of the intestines?
a) Trees 
b) Mountains 
c) rivers 
d) seas
29. The _________ of every living entity is the seat of the Supersoul.
a) mind 
b) heart 
c) stomach 
d) mouth
30. The breathing air of life is produced of _____________.
a) earth, water and fire 
b) water, fire and air 
c) sky, fire & air 
d) sky, air and water
31. Out of five elements, which is most prominent & principal element in the material creation?
a) earth 
b) fire 
c) water 
d) air
32. The ___________ is subjected to all kinds of material experiences which is happiness and distress.
a) false ego 
b) mind 
c) intellegence 
d) heart
33. The separated material energy of the Personality of Godhead is covered by ________ kinds of material coverings.
a) five 
b) seven 
c) eight 
d) sixteen
34. Anything which has a beginning, interim and end is called ______________.
a) spiritual 
b) material 
c) both spiritual & material 
d) None of these
35. The material nature is compared to the _____________.
a) father 
b) son 
c) daughter 
d) mother
36. The material nature is _____________ in comparison to the living entities.
a) inferior 
b) superior 
c) neutral 
d) none of these
37. An example of periodical heads is _________________.
a) Narada Muni 
b) Gandharva 
c) Vaivasvata Manu 
d) Human beings
38. By birth Narada Muni was the son of a _______________.
a) maidservant 
b) King 
c) Brahmana 
d) sage
39. The Bhagavatam always recommends the association of the __________ for opening the gate of salvation.
a) Karmis 
b) chandalas 
c) mayavadis 
d) pure devotees
40. whole creation is made by the Supreme Personality of Godhead is destroyed by Him in the form of __________.
a) Brahma 
b) Vishnu 
c) Rudra 
d) Ganesha

41. Who is able to understand the pleasure feature of the Lord?
a) Karmis 
b) Jnanis 
c) Dhaynis 
d) Bhaktas
42. The ___________ is satisfied simply by understanding the all-pervasive influence of the Lord.
a) voidist 
b) mystic 
c) impersonalist 
d) devotees
43. In this verse, the cosmic manifestation is compared to the ___________.
a) fire 
b) smoke 
c) spark 
d) flame
44. The creations by the Lord in His feature of Karnodakashayi Vishnu are called ____________.
a) Maha-kalpa 
b) Vikalpa 
c) Kalpa 
d) Akalpa
45. How many divya-yugas make one day of Brahma?
a) one hundred 
b) one thousand 
c) ten thousand 
d) ten
46. The present duration of a kalpa of Brahmä is called the _______________ kalpa.
a) Garuda 
b) maheshvara 
c) Shwetavaraha 
d) Vamadeva
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Answer: b d a c c a d b a d b c a a a a a d c b
Question No. 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40
Answer: d d c c a d b c b d c b c b d a c a d c
Question No. 41 42 43 44 45 46                            
Answer: d c c a b c                            
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