Canto 03, Chapter 02: Remembrance of Lord Krishna – Quiz

01. At the age of ______ years Uddhava was absorbed in the service of Lord Krishna.
a) 5 
b) 12 
c) 23 
d) 54
02. When Vidura asked about the welfare of Lord Krishna and His family and devotees, Vidura noticed that uddhava_________.
a) Was in total ecstasy 
b) Eyes were in tears due to separation from the Lord 
c) Had assimilated extensive love for the Lord 
d) All the above
03. Uddhava said it pained him to see Krishna__________.
a) Standing before King Ugrasena and giving explanations to the king 
b) Begging pardon from His parents for His inability to serve them 
c) In His childhood living incognito from fear of Kamsa 
d) All the above
04. Uddhava narrated the pastime of _______ to Vidura.
a) Lord Krishan playing at the banks of Yamuna with His cowherd friends and calves 
b) Killing of various asuras sent by Kamsa 
c) Teaching lessons to Indra and Kaliya 
d) All the above
05. The last pastime of Lord Sri Krishna in Vrindavan explained by Uddhava to Vidura was_________.
a) Govardhan Lila 
b) Kaliya daman 
c) Rasa Lila 
d) Killing of Dhenukasura
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05
Answer: a d d d c
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