Canto 01, Chapter 18: Maharaja Parikshit Cursed by a Brahmana Boy – Quiz

01. There is no chance of personality of Kali to enter if_________.
a) Chanting of the holy names of Lord are happening 
b) Worshipping the Supreme Lord takes place 
c) Hearing the Lord’s pastimes are taking place 
d) All the above
02. Maharaj Parikshit was not envious of the age of Kali because in this age_________.
a) Auspicious things produce good effects immediately 
b) Inauspicious things must be actually performed to render effect 
c) Chanting of Lord’s Holy names produces immense auspiciousness 
d) All the above
03. Devotees with perfect knowledge are called________.
a) Maha bhagavatas 
b) Prakrata bhaktas 
c) Madhyama bhaktas 
d) Kanistha bhaktas
04. Reception law enjoins that a poor man who has nothing to offer his guest, should be good enough_________.
a) To offer a straw mat for sitting 
b) A glass of water for drinking 
c) Some sweet words 
d) All the above
05. The hungry King Pariksit entered the hut of _______ where the yogi was in yogic trance.
a) Samik 
b) Shringi 
c) Some sweet words 
d) Suka
06. King being insulted for not getting proper reception_________.
a) Cursed the sage 
b) Woke up the sage in ager 
c) Put a dead snake around his neck and left 
d) Sent him out of the kingdom
07. Shringi cursed the king_________.
a) To become a snake 
b) To die immediately 
c) To be bitten by a snake bird to death on the 7th day from then 
d) To be powerless
08. The personality of Kali conquered ________ class first.
a) Brhamana 
b) Ksatriya 
c) Vaisya 
d) Sudra
09. The rsi on hearing his son’s curse________.
a) Congratulated him 
b) Was absolutely regretful and started mourning 
c) Was completely satisfied 
d) Cursed the King even more
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09
Answer: d d a d a c c a b
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