Canto 01, Chapter 19: The Appearance of Sukadeva Gosvami – Quiz

01. Brahminical culture for self-purification means_________.
a) God consciousness for self-realization 
b) Cow protection for getting sufficient milk 
c) Best food to continue a perfect civilization 
d) All the above
02. When Maharaj Parikshit received the news of his death__________.
a) He called all his family members and asked their ideas 
b) He immediately called all brahmanas and gave them charity 
c) He ordered all serpents to be killed 
d) He retired from family life and shifted himself to the banks of the Yamuna
03. The son of Vyasadeva was ___________ years old.
a) 5 
b) 12 
c) 16 
d) 25
04. Sukadeva Gosvami’s bodily hue resembled that of_________.
a) Lord Balarama 
b) Lord Krishna 
c) Srimati Radharani 
d) Lord Rama
05. Sukadeva Gosvami stayed in householders home________.
a) For a maximum of 1 day 
b) Always 
c) For a duration enough to milk a cow 
d) Till they are satisfied
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05
Answer: d d c b c
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