Canto 01, Chapter 17: Punishment and Reward of Kali – Quiz

01. The bull was terrified of the sudra who was beating him and was_________.
a) Standing on one leg 
b) Trembling 
c) Urinating 
d) All the above
02. The bull was standing on the leg of_________.
a) Truthfulness 
b) Mercy 
c) Austerity 
d) Cleanliness
03. When Kali understood that the King was willing to kill him, he_________.
a) Protested 
b) Ran away 
c) Surrendered 
d) Attacked
04. Through ________ one can avoid the influence of Kali.
a) Charity 
b) Philanthropic activities 
c) Truthfulness 
d) Sankirtana yajna
05. Maharaj Parikshit gave places of _______ for Kali o reside.
a) Gambling 
b) Drinking 
c) Prostitution 
d) Animal slaughter 
e) All the above
06. When asked for more, Maharaj Parikshit also gave place for Kali to reside where_________.
a) Lot of Gold is there 
b) Lot of animals are there 
c) Temple worship is not going well 
d) All the above
Question No.  01 02 03 04 05 06
Answer: d a c d e a
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