Canto 01, Chapter 16: How Parikshit Received the Age of Kali – Quiz

01. King Parikshit married the daughter of King Uttara and had _________.
a) 1 son 
b) 1 daughter 
c) 4 sons 
d) 100 sons
02. _______, the son of Parikshit decided to perform the Sarpa-Yajna to avenge the unlawful curse upon his father.
a) Janamejaya 
b) Jnatanika 
c) Sankukarna 
d) Bhimasena
03. Maharaj Pariksit saw the Master of Kali-yuga_________.
a) Stealing 
b) Eating meat 
c) Hurting the legs of cow and bull 
d) Gambling
04. Maharaj Pariksit’s chariot were drawn by _______ horses and flag was marked with the sign of a Lion.
a) Black 
b) White 
c) Black and white 
d) Green
05. Personality of Dharma was wandering about in the form of a_________.
a) Cow 
b) Bull 
c) Ass 
d) Lion
06. The principles of religion are reduced to ________ in the age of Kali.
a) Three fourth 
b) Half 
c) One fourth 
d) Three eighth
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06
Answer: c a c b b c
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