Canto 01, Chapter 15: The Pandavas Retire Timely – Quiz

01. Arjuna said to King Yudhistira that because Lord Krishna was with Arjuna, he could_________.
a) Conquer Indradeva and his associated and enable fire God to devastate the Khandva Forest 
b) Save Demon Maya from Khandava Forest who later built the mystical assembly house 
c) Vanquish all lusty princes assembled at the palace of King Drupada 
d) All the above
02. Astavakra Muni is curved in _________ joints of his body.
a) 4 
b) 6 
c) 8 
d) 10
03. Vajra was the grandson of Lord Krishna and son of ________.
a) Pradyumna 
b) Aniruddha 
c) Lakshmana 
d) Samba
04. Yudhistira decided to retire from family life. He made __________ as the King of Surasena at Mathura.
a) Vajra 
b) Parikshit 
c) Aniruddha 
d) Arjuna
05. _________ was placed on the imperial throne of Hastinapura.
a) Dhratarastra 
b) Arjuna 
c) Parikshit 
d) Janamejaya
06. The younger brothers of Yudhistira decided_________.
a) To follow their elder brother 
b) To go to Dwaraka to take care of citizens there 
c) Stay back at Hastinapura 
d) To wait for the eternal time
07. Vidura went back to ________ planet.
a) Pitraloka 
b) Goloka 
c) Vaikunta 
d) Bhramaloka
08. Draupadi and Subhadra_________.
a) Stayed back in Hastinapura 
b) Went to Dwaraka to be with the wives of Krishna 
c) Followed their husbands 
d) Simply cried
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Answer: d c b a c a a c
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