Canto 01, Chapter 14: The Disappearance of Lord Krsna – Quiz

01. ________ went to Dvaraka to see Lord Krsna and other friends.
a) Arjuna 
b) Sanjaya 
c) Bhima 
d) Yudhistira
02. Yudhistira Maharaja suddenly started to see inauspicious omens like_________.
a) Direction of eternal time had changed 
b) Disruptions in the seasonal regularities 
c) People seemed greedy, angry and deceitful 
d) All the above
03. When King Yudhistira was observing inauspiciousness, ________ came from the city of Dvaraka to convey the latest news.
a) Narada Muni 
b) Arjuna 
c) Vasista Muni 
d) Lord Krishna
04. Yudhistira on seeing the moroseness on the face of Arjuna asked_________.
a) Has he contacted a woman of impeachable character? 
b) Has he been defeated by someone who is inferior or equal to him? 
c) Has he lost his intimate Friend Lord Krishna? 
d) All the above
Questin No. 01 02 03 04
Answer: a d b d
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