Canto 01, Chapter 11: Lord Krsna’s Entrance into Dvaraka – Quiz

01. Everything being unlimited for the Lord, His desires, His opulence, etc, He is called _________, full with all desirable equipment.
a) Sama-kaamam. 
b) Sama-drasam.
c) Sarvantaram. 
d) Sarva-moksham.
02. Descendents of Vrsni dynasty are_________.
a) Andhakas. 
b) Bhojas.
c) Kukuras. 
d) All the above.
03. Every door of the residential houses were decorated with _________ to greet the Lord.
a) Curd, unbroken fruits. 
b) Sugarcane.
c) Articles of worship like candle and incense. 
d) All the above.
04. The Almighty Lord greeted each and everyone present by_________.
a) Bowing His head. 
b) Looking and smiling.
c) Giving assurances and awarding benedictions. 
d) All the above.
05. Although the queens could not embrace Krishna directly due to shyness, they embraced Him by ________.
a) Seeing Him. 
b) Putting Him in the cores of their hearts.
c) By sending their sons to embrace Him. 
d) All the above.
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05
Answer: a d d d d
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