Canto 01, Chapter 12: Birth of Emperor Parikshit – Quiz

01. Maharaj Parikshit and Sukadeva Goswami during the narration of Srimad Bhagavatam were performing _____ process of devotional service.
a) Chanting 
b) Hearing 
c) Both a and b 
d) Praying
02. When Maharaj Parikshit was in the womb of his mother, Brahmastra attacked him and Lord appeared before him in the womb for protection. The Lord whom the child saw was__________.
a) Gigantic 
b) The size of a thumb with blackish body, yellow garments and all attractive 
c) Was in the form of light 
d) In the form of sound
03. __________ was the only surviving descendent of the Puru.
a) Parikshit 
b) Yudhistira 
c) Abhimanyu 
d) Janamejaya
04. The child Parikhit was __________.
a) Strong as a Lion 
b) Forbearing like the Earth 
c) Tolerant as his parents 
d) All the above
05. The magnanimity of Maharaj Parikshit is said to be as ________.
a) Bali Maharaj 
b) Prahlad Maharaj 
c) King Yayati 
d) King Rantideva
06. Parikshit – means _________.
a) Examiner 
b) Good Looking 
c) Great devotee 
d) Obedient
Questiom No. 01 02 03 04 05 06
Answer: c b a a d a
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