Canto 01, Chapter 10: Departure of Lord Krsna for Dvaraka – Quiz

01. The secret of one’s success is ________.
a) The sanction from the Supreme Lord. 
b) One’s endeavor only.
c) One’s accumulation of machinery and tools. 
d) One’s intelligence.
02. Because King Yudhistira had no enemies, his kingdom was not disturbed by ________.
a) Mental agonies. 
b) Diseases.
c) Excessive weather conditions. 
d) All the above.
03. When Lord descends on this Earth, He displays His transcendental activities particularly in ________.
a) Mathura. 
b) Vrndavan.
c) Dvaraka. 
d) All the above.
04. The queens of Dvaraka were in _________ rasa with the Lord.
a) Parakiya. 
b) Svakiya.
c) Dasya. 
d) All the above.
05. Maharaj Yudhistira arranged _________ to accompany the Lord to Dvaraka.
a) Horses and Elephants. 
b) Chariots.
c) Army. 
d) All the above.
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05
Answer: a d d b d
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