Canto 01, Chapter 09: The Passing Away of Bhismadeva in the Presence of Lord Krsna – Quiz

01. On hearing the news of Bhismadeva’s death, _________ assembled.
a) The Pandavas along with Lord Krishna. 
b) Rsis.
c) Brahmanas and the kings. 
d) All the above.
02. _________ is also called as Brahmarata.
a) Sukadeva Gosvami. 
b) Srila Vyasadeva.
c) Bhismadeva. 
d) King Yudhiustira.
03. Bhismadeva said although Pandavas had to undergo terrible sufferings, terrible injustice and tribulations, they were always protected by _________.
a) Brahmanas. 
b) The Supreme Lord.
c) Religious principles. 
d) All the above.
04. The only desire Bhismadeva had while lying on his death bed was _________.
a) May he be transported directly to Vaikuntha. 
b) May he be relieved from the pain he was going through.
c) May his mind be absorbed in the thoughts of the Supreme Lord and thus leave his body. 
d) May he regain his health and wealth again.
05. _________ asked Bhismadeva on the essential principles of various religious duties.
a) Lord Krishna. 
b) King Yudhistira.
c) Arjuna. 
d) The great sages assembled.
06. Bhismadeva gave knowledge on _________.
a) A King’s duty. 
b) A householder’s duty.
c) The principle of pleasing the Lord. 
d) All the above.
07. Bhismadeva’s transcendental relation with Lord Krsna is in _________ rasa(humor).
a) Parental. 
b) Feternal.
c) Conjugal. 
d) Chivalrous.
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Answer: d a d c b d d
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