Canto 01, Chapter 08: Prayers by Queen Kunti and Parikshit Saved – Quiz

01. Before the advent of Kali, the Brahmanas, cows, women, children and old people were specially taken care of _________.
a) Maintains chastity of the society. 
b) We get good generation for peace, tranquility and progress of life.
c) Both a and b. 
d) None of the above.
02. Maharaja Yudhistira’s fame was spread in all directions like that of Indra. Indra had performed 100 Ashwamedha yajna’s. Yudhistira, under the direction of Krishna had performed _________ yajnas.
a) 01. 
b) 03.
c) 50. 
d) 1000.
03. When Krishna was about to leave for Dwaraka, _________ came running towards Him in fear.
a) Kunti. 
b) Draupadi.
c) Gandhari. 
d) Uttara.
04. The embryo within Uttara’s womb which was attacked by Ashvattama’s Brahmastra was protected by _________.
a) Arjuna. 
b) Krishna’s Sudarshan Chakra.
c) Bhima. 
d) Another Brahmastra.
05. Queen Kunti addresses the Supreme Lord Krishna as _________.
a) The enlivener of the cows and the senses. 
b) The son of Vasudeva and the pleasure of Devaki.
c) Boy of Nanda and the gopas of Vrndavana. 
d) All the above.
06. Kunti Devi prays that they may have calamities again and again because _________.
a) They could see Krishna again and again. 
b) They would no longer see repeated births and deaths.
c) Both a and b. 
d) Kunti was totally frustrated with life.
07. After Lord pacified Queen Kunti, He was stopped by _________ and was requested to stay for few more days in Hastinapura.
a) Bhima. 
b) Arjuna.
c) Yudhistira. 
d) Bhisma.
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Answer: c b d b d c c
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