Canto 01, Chapter 07: The Son of Drona Punished – Quiz

01. Srila Vyasadeva’s ashrama in Badarikashrama was surrounded by __________ trees.
a) Peepal 
b) Berry 
c) Mango 
d) Banyan
02. Of the various senses ________ is the most effective – helps in attaining the highest perfection of life.
a) Ear 
b) Eyes 
c) Hands 
d) Skin
03. Srimad Bhgavatam is the science for following the path of ________ .
a) Nivrtti marga 
b) Pravrtti marga 
c) Mukti marga 
d) Jnna marga
04. Urukrama specifically indicates the incarnation of the Lord a ________ .
a) Matsya 
b) Kurma 
c) Vamana 
d) Varaha
05. Sukadeva Gosvami was attracted by ________ .
a) Fragrance of flowers and sandalwood pulp anointed to the Lord 
b) The transcendental pastimes of the Lord 
c) Beauty of the Lord 
d) Mystical abilities of the Lord
06. Asvatthama used ________ as the last option for protecting himself.
a) Brahmastra 
b) Sarpastra 
c) Drowning himself 
d) Surrender
07.________ among the pandavas was in favor of killing Ashvatthama even after hearing Draupadi’s words of sparing Ashvatthama.
a) Yudhistira 
b) Bhima 
c) Arjuna 
d) Nakula and Sahadeva
08. Finally Ashvatthama was ________ .
a) Killed 
b) Forgiven 
c) Punished by being severed both hair and jewel from his head 
d) Driven away
Question No.  01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Answer: b b b c c a b c
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