Canto 01, Chapter 06: Conversation Between Narada and Vyasadeva – Quiz

01. Narada Muni, in his previous life was _________ years old when he was impregnated with spiritual knowledge.
a) 05. 
b) 08.
c) 12. 
d) 16.
02. Narada Muni, in his previous life, when he was only a boy, his mother was killed by  _________ .
a) Enemies. 
b) The bite of serpent.
c) Trampling of an Elephant. 
d) Sickness.
03. Narada Muni, in his previous life, on the death of his mother, considered it as a benediction of the Lord and headed towards  _________ .
a) North. 
b) South.
c) East. 
d) West.
04. When Narada Muni, in his previous life began to meditate on the lotus feet of the Supreme, Lord Krsna appeared to him _________ .
a) After 6 months. 
b) After an year.
c) At the end of his life. 
d) Without delay.
05. One can see or perceive the Lord  _________ .
a) By Sincere attempt of devotional service. 
b) Unalloyed devotion.
c) By the mercy of the Lord Himself. 
d) All the above.
06. The 3 primary transcendental qualities are  _________ .
a) Eternity. 
b) Freedom from material modes.
c) Freedom from reactions of fruitive activities. 
d) All the above.
07. The birth of Narada Muni as the son of _________ is a transcendental pastime.
a) Brahma. 
b) Vishnu.
c) Siva. 
d) Vyasa.
08. The Vina instrument of Narada is personally given to him by  _________.
a) Lord Krsna. 
b) Lord Brahma.
c) Bhakthi Vedantists. 
d) None of the above.
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Answer: a b a d d d a a
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