Canto 01, Chapter 05: Narada’s Instructions on Srimad-Bhagavatam for Vyasadeva – Quiz

01. In the Moon planet, sense enjoyment is obtained by _________.
a) Charity work. 
b) Drinking Soma Rasa.
c) Fruitive work. 
d) Meditation.
02. The mission of everyone’s life should be _________.
a) Maximum sense enjoyment. 
b) Donate everything to the poor.
c) Dig wells. 
d) Endeavor to go back to Godhead.
03. Narada Muni, in his last life was the son of a _________.
a) Merchant. 
b) King.
c) Maid servant. 
d) Saintly person.
04. Narada Muni, in his previous life, as a child was _________.
a) Not naughty. 
b) No attachment for sports.
c) Self controlled. 
d) All the above.
05. Narada Muni, in his previous life became purified by _________.
a) Charity work. 
b) Taking the remnants of the Bhathi Vedantists.
c) Worshipping the Lord daily. 
d) Meditation.
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05
Answer: b d c d b
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