Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 12, Chapter 08, Text 44

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SB 12.8.44

tad vai bhajamy rta-dhiyas tava pada-mulam
 hitvedam atma-cchadi catma-guroh parasya
dehady apartham asad antyam abhijña-matram
 vindeta te tarhi sarva-manisitartham
Therefore I worship Your lotus feet, having renounced my identification with the material body and everything else that covers my true self. These useless, insubstantial and temporary coverings are merely presumed to be separate from You, whose intelligence encompasses all truth. By attaining You — the Supreme Godhead and the master of the soul — one attains everything desirable.
One who falsely identifies himself as the material body or mind automatically feels entitled to exploit the material world. But when we realize our eternal spiritual nature and Lord Krsna’s supreme proprietorship over all that be, we renounce our false enjoying propensity by the strength of spiritual knowledge.
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