Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 12, Chapter 08, Text 33-34


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SB 12.8.33-34

tau sukla-krsnau nava-kañja-locanau
 catur-bhujau raurava-valkalambarau
pavitra-pani upavitakam tri-vrt
 kamandalum dandam rjum ca vainavam
padmaksa-malam uta jantu-marjanam
 vedam ca saksat tapa eva rupinau
 pramsu dadhanau vibudharsabharcitau
One of Them was of a whitish complexion, the other blackish, and They both had four arms. Their eyes resembled the petals of blooming lotuses, and They wore garments of black deerskin and bark, along with the three-stranded sacred thread. In Their hands, which were most purifying, They carried the mendicant’s waterpot, straight bamboo staff and lotus-seed prayer beads, as well as the all-purifying Vedas in the symbolic form of bundles of darbha grass. Their bearing was tall and Their yellow effulgence the color of radiant lightning. Appearing as austerity personified, They were being worshiped by the foremost demigods.
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