Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 10, Chapter 87, Text 12-13


SB 10.87.12-13

sri-sanandana uvaca
sva-srstam idam apiya
 sayanam saha saktibhih
tad-ante bodhayam cakrus
 tal-lingaih srutayah param
yatha sayanam samrajam
 vandinas tat-parakramaih
pratyuse ’bhetya su-slokair
 bodhayanty anujivinah
Sri Sanandana replied: After the Supreme Lord withdrew the universe He had previously created, He lay for some time as if asleep, and all His energies rested dormant within Him. When the time came for the next creation, the personified Vedas awakened Him by chanting His glories, just as the poets serving a king approach him at dawn and awaken him by reciting his heroic deeds.
At the time of creation, the Vedas are the first emanation from the breathing of Lord Maha-Visnu, and in personified form they serve Him by waking Him from His mystic sleep. This statement made by Sanandana implies that Sanaka and the other sages had asked him the same question that Narada had asked Narayana Rsi and Maharaja Pariksit had asked Sukadeva Gosvami. Sanandana refers the question back to the example of the personified Vedas themselves in their address to Lord Maha-Visnu. Even though the Vedas knew that the Lord, being omniscient, does not need to be informed of His glories, they enthusiastically took this opportunity to praise Him.
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