Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 10, Chapter 17, Text 22

SB 10.17.22

tata utthaya sambhranta
 dahyamana vrajaukasah
krsnam yayus te saranam
 maya-manujam isvaram
Then the residents of Vrndavana woke up, extremely disturbed by the great fire threatening to burn them. Thus they took shelter of Krsna, the Supreme Lord, who by His spiritual potency appeared like an ordinary human being.
The sruti, or Vedic mantras, state, svarupa-bhutaya nitya-saktya mayakhyaya: “The Lord’s eternal potency named maya is innate in His original form.” Thus within the eternal spiritual body of the Supreme Lord there is infinite potency, which effortlessly manipulates all existence according to the omniscient desire of the Absolute Truth. The residents of Vrndavana took shelter of Krsna, thinking, “This blessed boy will certainly be empowered by God to save us.” They remembered the words of the sage Garga Muni, spoken at the birth ceremony of Lord Krsna: anena sarva-durgani yuyam añjas tarisyatha. “By His power you will easily be able to cross over all obstacles.” (Bhag. 10.8.16) Therefore the residents of Vrndavana, who had full faith in Krsna, took shelter of the Lord in hopes of being saved from the impending disaster threatened by the forest fire.
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