Canto 10, Chapter 81: The Lord Blesses Sudama Brahmana – Quiz

01. On seeing the gift brought by Sudama, Lord Krishna said ________.
a)   These grains give me extreme pleasure
b)   These grains will certainly satisfy me
c)   These grains will satisfy the entire universe
d)   All the above
02. Lord Krishna ate 1 palmful of flat rice and by the time He took a second, He was stopped by ________.
a)   Sudama
b)   Uddhava
c)   Naradamuni
d)   Rukmini Devi
03. When Sudama set off to his home, in his heart he was ________.
a)   Morose
b)   Greatly delighted
c)   Filled with anxiety
d)   Totally empty
04. The mercy of Krishna in blessing Sudama with abundant wealth ________.
a)   Was known to Sudama before returning from Dvaraka
b)   Came totally as a surprise when Sudama approached his village
c)   Was told by Krishna to Sudama
d)   None of the above
05. Sudama’s palace now was as opulent as the palace of ________.
a)   Mahendra
b)   Agni
c)   Varuna
d)   Vayu
06. Sudama’s last trace of subtle pride was ________ and this was also destroyed by the mercy of Krishna.
a)   His chaste wife
b)   His opulent palace
c)   His being a renounced brahmana
d)   His flat rice
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06
Answer: d d b b a c
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