Canto 10, Chapter 80: The Brahmana Sudama Visits Lord Krishna in Dvaraka – Quiz

01. The thought of visiting Krishna came to Sudama ________.
a)   In a dream wherein Krishna was calling him
b)   Just by itself without any reason
c)  When his chaste wife asked him to visit Krishna and get some help to improve their living situation
d)   By the mercy of Narada Muni
02. Lord Krishna was the ruler of ________.
a)   Bhojas
b)   Vrsnis
c)   Andhakas
d)   All the above
03. Sudama finally agreed to go to see Krishna because ________.
a)   He too felt that his rich friend should be of some use
b)   He was terrified by his wife
c)   To see Lord Krishna is indeed the greatest achievement in life
d)   He wanted to become rich
04. As a present, Sudama carried ________ to Krishna.
a)   4 handfuls of flat rice
b)   Silken garments
c)   Beautiful flower garlands
d)   Scented oils
05. Sudama brahmana at Dvaraka entered the palace of ________.
a)   Satybhama
b)   Rukmini
c)   Jambavati
d)   Kalindi
06. On seeing Sudama, Lord Krishna ________.
a)   Remained seated
b)   Hurried to embrace him
c)   Offered obeiscances
d)   Laughed loudly
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06
Answer: c d c a b b
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