Canto 10, Chapter 75: Duryodhana Humiliated – Quiz

01. During the elaborate Rajasuya sacrifice, Krishna took up the service of ________.
a)   Washing everyone’s feet
b)   Taking care of treasury
c)   Welcoming guests by sweet words
d)   Attending respectable elders
02. The service of serving food at the sacrifice was taken up by ________.
a)   Nakula
b)   Bhima
c)   Draupadi
d)   Arjuna
03. During avabhritha celebrations, ________ were played.
a)   Kettle drums and gomukha horns
b)   Mrdangas and karatals
c)   Conchshells and panavas
d)   All the above
04. King Yudhistira was finally relieved of his burning desire to ________.
a)   Be the only able emperor of the planet
b)   Demonstrate the supremacy of Lord Krishna
c)   Humiliate Dhratarastra and sons
d)   Please Draupadi
05. When Duryodhana was walking in the palace of Yudhistira, people laughed at him because ________.
a)   His face was blackened
b)   Unknowingly he was naked
c)   He was getting bewildered by Maya Danava’s construction and was walking awkwardly
d)   They intended to humiliate him
06. When Yudhistira tried to stop people from laughing at Duryodhana, ________ showed the approval.
a)   Krishna
b)   Balarama
c)   Bhisma
d)   Draupadi
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06
Answer: a c d b c a
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