Canto 10, Chapter 74: The Deliverance of Shishupala at the Rajasuya Sacrifice – Quiz

01. The utensils used in the Rajasuya sacrifice were made of —————.
a)   Gems
b)   Gold
c)   Silver
d)   Mud
02. When the members of the assembly could not decide who was supposed to be worshipped first in the Rajasuya sacrifice, ________ spoke up.
a)   Sahadeva
b)   Sisupala
c)   Yudhistira
d)   Krishna
03. ________ was decided to be honored first in the Rajasuya sacrifice.
a)   Krishna
b)   Brahma
c)   Bhisma
d)   Dronacharya
04. ________ became intolerant on hearing the incessant transcendental glories of Lord Krishna.
a)   Duryodhana
b)   Karna
c)   Sisupala
d)   Dantavakra
05. When the Supreme Lord was showered with insults, Lord Krishna ________.
a)   Simply left the assembly
b)   Said nothing
c)   Raged a war
d)   Asked Yudhistira to arrest the offender
06. When Sisupala began to attack, he was killed by Lord’s ________.
a)   Club
b)   Arrows
c)   Disc
d)   Hands
07. Sisupala got ________ liberation.
a)   Sayujya
b)   Sarupya
c)   Salokya
d)   Samipya
08. On seeing the flourishing opulence of Yudhistira ________ was envious.
a)   Dhratarastra
b)   Duryodhana
c)   Gandhari
d)   Karna
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Answer: b a a c b c a b
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