Canto 10, Chapter 52: Rukminī’s Message to Lord Krishna – Quiz

01. Mucukunda left for the ________ direction to perform penance.
a)   Eastern
b)   Western
c)   Northern
d)   Southern
02. After conquering the barbarians, Krishna took their valuables to ________.
a)   Mathura
b)   Dvaraka
c)   Magadha
d)   Avantika
03. Apparently exhausted after fleeing a long distance, the two Lords climbed a high mountain named ________.
a)   Gandhamadhava
b)   Mandara
c)   Pravarsana
d)   Menaka
04. On knowing Krishna Balarama hiding in the mountain, Jarasandha ________.
a)   Set the mountain ablaze
b)   Powdered the mountain
c)   Pushed the mountain into the ocean
d)   Searched and found the Lords
05. Krishna Balarama jumped from the mountain which was ________ yojanas high.
a)   10
b)   11
c)   12
d)   13
06. Rukmini’s father’s name was ________.
a)   Vidarba
b)   Kaundini
c)   Rukmi
d)   Bhismaka
07. Rukmini had ________ brothers.
a)   5
b)   4
c)   3
d)   2
08. Rukmini decided to have Krsna as her husband because she had heard of Krsna’s ________.
a)   Prowess
b)   Transcendental character
c)   Opulence
d)   All the above
09. Rukmi decided to give Rukmini to ________ in marriage.
a)   Jarasandha
b)   Sisupala
c)   Dantavakra
d)   Krishna
10. ________ Envied Krishna.
a)   Rukmi
b)   Rukmebahu
c)   Rukmaketa
d)   Rukmamali

11. Rukmini sent message to Krishna through ________.
a)   A Brahmana
b)   Her brother
c)   Balarama
d)   Her maid servant
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11
Answer: c b c a b d a d b a a
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