Canto 10, Chapter 51: The Deliverance of Mucukunda – Quiz

01. Kalayavana decided to fight with Lord Krishna ________.
a)   With club
b)   By wrestling
c)   With no weapons
d)   With bow and arrow
02. Even after chasing the Lord for a very long time, Kalayavana could not reach Krishna because ________.
a)   Kalayavana’s sinful reactions had not been cleansed yet
b)   Lord was running much faster than the barbarian
c)   Lord had a mission to fulfill
d)   All the above
03. By running away from Kalayavana and tolerating his insults, the Lord thereby exhibits the opulence of ________.
a)   Renunciation
b)   Beauty
c)   Power
d)   Knowledge
04. Kalayavana on entering the cave ________.
a)   Did not see anyone
b)   Saw a man lying down and Krishna was not to be seen
c)   Saw a man sleeping and thought it was Krishna
d)   Hit against a sleeping man and so offered obeisance
05. Kalayavana did the mistake of ________ the sleeping person.
a)   Kicking
b)   Waking up
c)   Crossing over
d)   Killing
06. The awakened man cast his glance on Kalayavana and thus he ________.
a)   Was bewildered
b)   Ran away
c)   Was burnt to ashes immediately
d)   Became invalid
07. Muchukunda was born in ________ dynasty.
a)   Yadu
b)   Kuru
c)   Iksvaku
d)   Soma
08. Mucukunda’s father’s name was ________.
a)   Maya danava
b)   Mandhata
c)   Muchusta
d)   Kalanemi
09. On seeing the Supreme Lord, Mucukunda ________.
a)   Got ready for a fight
b)   Recognized Him as the Supreme Lord and started to glorify Him
c)   Began to run away
d)   Slept again
10. Mucukunda asked Lord Krishna the benediction of ________.
a)   Ruling the entire Earth
b)   Liberation
c)   Service to the lotus feet of the Lord
d)   Unlimited material wealth and riches

11. Lord blessed Mucukunda ________.
a)   To be liberated immediately
b)   To be a devoted Brahmana in his next life
c)   To always possess unfailing devotion to the Supreme Lord
d)   Both b and c
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11
Answer: c d a c a c c b b c d
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