Canto 10, Chapter 26: Wonderful Krishna – Quiz

01. By seeing Krishna’s extraordinary feats, unable to understand the truth of His identity, the cowherd men approached ______.
a)    Maharaja Nanda
b)    Mother Yashoda
c)    Narada Muni
d)    King Kamsa
02 Lord Krishna was attacked by Trnavarta when Lord was in the age of_________.
a)    3 months
b)    6 months
c)    12 months
d)    18 months
03. The Vatsa demon disguised himself as _______ and attacked Krishna and His friends.
a)    Cow
b)    Calf
c)    Bull
d)    Horse
04. Krishna killed Vatsa and enjoyed the sport of knocking ______ fruits from the trees.
a)    Bhel
b)    Kapitha
c)    Mango
d)    Tamarind
05. In the previous millenniums Lord Krishna assumed ______ colour.
a)    White
b)    Red
c)    Yellow
d)    All the above
06. Indra gavam is the name given to_________.
a)    Indra
b)    Krishna
c)    Balarama
d)    Rama
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06
Answer: a c b b d b
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