Canto 10, Chapter 25: Lord Krishna Lifts Govardhana Hill – Quiz

01. When Indra understood that his sacrifice was put aside he_________.
a)    Was humbled
b)    Was furious
c)    Was bewildered
d)    Was shameful
02. Indra sent forth clouds of universal destruction known as _______ to destroy Vrindavana.
a)    Samyukta
b)    Samvrtaka
c)    Devadurga
d)    Sanketaka
03. Indra considered Krishna to be________.
a) A demigod
b) The Supreme Absolute truth
c) An ordinary human being
d) A mysterious child
04. Indra’s elephant is _______.
a) Airavata
b) Gajendra
c) Daruka
d) Gajasheela
05. When the cows and other animals and cowherd men of Vrindavana were pained by cold, they all approached_________.
a)    Nanda Maharaja
b)    Govardhan Hill
c)    Govinda
d)    Yamuna
06. Lord Krishna on seeing the state of Vrindavan,__________.
a)    Decided to hold the sacrifice again for Indra
b)    Pacify Indra
c)    Move to another village
d)    Destroy the ignorance of Indra
07. When deadly thunderbolts fell on Govardhan__________.
a)    It began to disintegrate
b)    Shake
c)    The trees and mud and creepers fell apart
d)    It felt like soft fragrant flowers falling on it
08. Lord Krishna held up the Govardhan hill for ______ days to protect Vrindavana.
a)    7
b)    6
c)    5
d)    4
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Answer: b b c a c d d a
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