Canto 10, Chapter 23: The Brahmanas’ Wives Blessed – Quiz

01. A group of Brahmanas were performing the_______sacrifice.
a)    Purushasukta
b)    Ashwamedha
c)    Angirasa
d)    Surya
02. The Brahmanas were performing the sacrifice_________.
a)    To attain devotional service for the Supreme Lord
b)    To gain promotion to heaven
c)    To attain Brahman realization
d)    For yogic siddhis
03. When the cowherd boys told Krishna and Balarama that they were harassed by hunger, They sent the hungry boys to _______ to ask for some food________.
a)    The Brahmanas performing sacrifice
b)    To the wives of Brahmanas
c)    To Nanda Maharaja
d)    To mother yashoda
04. The Brahmanas thought Lord Krishna to_________.
a)    Be a demigod
b)    Be the Supreme Absolute truth
c)    Be a simple cowherd boy
d)    Be an ordinary hungry human
05. When Krishna learnt that the cowherd boys did not get any food,_________.
a)    He simply laughed
b)    He cursed the Brahmanas
c)    He was very angry
d)    He felt humiliated
06. The wives of Brahmanas were excited to serve Krishna because_________.
a)    They had seen His beauty before
b)    They were afraid that if they don’t give food they would be punished
c)    They had been enchanted by descriptions of Him
d)    They had performed pious activities
07. Lord Krishna instructed the wives of the Brahmanas to go back home because they could associate with Him__________.
a)    By hearing about Him
b)    By seeing His deity form
c)    By chanting His holy names
d)    All the above
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Answer: c b a d a c d
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