Canto 10, Chapter 22: Krishna Steals the Garments of the Unmarried Gopis – Quiz

01. The young unmarried girls of Gokula observed the vow of worshipping________.
a)    The Sun God
b)    Goddess Katyayini
c)    Mother Yamuna
d)    Lord Shiva
02. During the vow period, for the entire month the girls________.
a)    Ate Chipped rice
b)    Ate unspiced kichari
c)    Drank only milk
d)    Never spoke
03. This vow of the girls of Gokula was performed during the month of_________.
a)    Margasira
b)    Magha
c)    Phalguna
d)    Vaishaka
04. The principle prayer of the young girls was________.
a)    Let Rohini Nandan be their husband
b)    Let Nanda Nandan be their husband
c)    Let they get good kshatriya kings as their husband
d)    Let they be able to defeat Krishna in all their games and debate
05. Lord Krishna approached the young gopis_________.
a)    Totally unaware of why the gopis had kept the vow
b)    Thinking if they are successful in their vow then they may defeat Him
c)    Fully aware of their wish and give them the perfection of their endeavor
d)    None of the above
06. Krishna stole the garments of the gopis and climbed the ______ tree.
a)    Kadamba
b)    Banyan
c)    Tamal
d)    Parijata
07. When the gopis were alerted of their garments been stolen________.
a)    They immersed in the water completely out of shame
b)    Were very furious with Govinda
c)    Were in fear of their parents
d)    Were laughing amongst themselves even in their embarrassment
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Answer: b b a b c a d
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