Canto 10, Chapter 20: The Rainy Season and Autumn in Vrindavana – Quiz

01. On hearing the story of killing of Pralamba and swallowing the forest fire, the elder cowherd men and ladies concluded that Krishna and Balarama must be_______.
a)    The Supreme Lords
b)    Exalted demigods
c)    Great yogis
d)    Having extraordinary mystic power

02. Thunder is compared to mode of________.
a)    Goodness
b)    Passion
c)   Ignorance
d)    All the above

03. The rainy season in Vrndavana_________.
a)    Made the insignificant streams swell
b)    The frogs croak
c)    The glowworms to shine
d)    All the above

04. Trees are called _______ because they drink through their root.
a)    Papada
b)    Padapa
c)    Padma
d)    Padapadma

05. The autumn season________.
a)    Cleared the sky of clouds
b)    Cleaned the Earth of its covering of mud
c)    Purified the water of contamination
d)    All the above

06. Except for _______ whose heart had been stolen by Krishna, the people could forget their suffering by embracing the wind coming from the flower-filled forest.
a)    Gopis
b)    Gopas
c)    Yashoda
d)    Nanda


Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06
Answer: b b d b d a
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