Canto 10, Chapter 19: Swallowing the Forest Fire – Quiz

01. _______ noticed that actually the cows were not around them.
a)    Krishna
b)    Rama
c)    Cowherd boys
d)    All the above
02. The cows were found in_______.
a)    Khadirava forest
b)    Bhandirava forest
c)    Vrindavan forest
d)    Munja forest
03. On seeing His friends too fearful of the forest fire and hearing their pitiful words, Lord Krishna__________.
a)    Sent them to Vrindavana
b)    Told them to just close their eyes
c)    Was also sad and morose
d)    Asked them to go to sleep
04. Krishna saved His friends from the danger of forest fire by__________.
a)    Swallowing it
b)    Putting water on it
c)    Taking away His friends from it
d)    Blowing it away
Question No. 01 02 03 04
Answer: d d b a
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