Canto 10, Chapter 06: The Killing of the Demon Putana – Quiz

01. Putana disguised herself as ______.
a)    Lakshmi Devi
b)    Radha Rani
c)    Apsara
d)    A beautiful woman
02. When Putana came in search of Krishna, Nanda Maharaja’s family was living in ______.
a)    Gokula
b)    Mathura
c)    Vrindavana
d)    Nanda gaon
03. When Putana saw the sleeping child Krishna, she thought_________.
a)    The child was ordinary as any other child
b)    The child was a demon
c)    The child seemed to kill all demons
d)    None of the above
04. When Putana was killed, she_________.
a)    Remained in her disguised form
b)    She immediately became an apsara and went to the heavenly planets
c)    She turned in to a demigod
d)    She came back to her original demon form
05. When the body of Putana fell on the ground, it smashed all trees within a limit of ______ miles.
a)    10
b)    11
c)    12
d)    13
06. Putana’s scattered hair after her death was the color of ______.
a)    Gold
b)    Silver
c)    Copper
d)    Brass
07. After the incident of Putana trying to kill baby Krishna, the child was protected by__________.
a)    Brahmans chanting mantras
b)    Garagamuni performing yajnas
c)    Washing the child with cow urine and smearing with dust raised by cows
d)    By always keeping the child indoors
08. The gopis prayed that may Krishna be blessed by Lord ______, the carrier of the sword to protect His two sides.
a)    Ajana
b)    Aja
c)    Urugaya
d)    Madhu
09. The body of Putana was ______.
a)    Cut into pieces and buried
b)    Was sent to Mathura for Kamsa
c)    Was cut to pieces and burnt
d)    Was left as it is to dry
10. Putana attained the position of _______ in Goloka.
a)    Mother
b)    Nurse
c)    Grass
d)    Mango tree
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10
Answer: d a c d c c c a c b
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