Canto 10, Chapter 05: The Meeting of Nanda Maharaja and Vasudeva – Quiz

01. ______ was the residence of Nanda Maharaja.
a)    Vrajapura
b)    Bhimapura
c)    Vrindavana
d)    Nandanandana
02. Krsna in His original form comes ______ in a day of Bhrama.
a)    Once
b)    2 times
c)    3 times
d)    4 times
03. Nanda maharaja left to Mathura to_______.
a)    Meet Vasudeva
b)    Pay local taxes to Kamsa
c)    Meet Krishna and Balarama
d)    Meet Rohini Devi
04. When Nanda Maharaj met Vasudeva.
a)    He already k that Krishna was Vasudeva’s son and his daughter was exchanged with Krishna
b)    Krishna was the Supreme Personality of Godhead
c)    Vasudeva had actually exchanged the children in the middle of the night
d)    None of the above
Question No. 01 02 03 04
Answer: a a b d
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