Canto 10, Chapter 02: Prayers by the Demigods for Lord Krishna in the Womb – Quiz

01. _______ was Kamsa’s father-in-law.
a)    Shakuni
b)    Jarasandha
c)    Canura
d)    Surasena
02. The plenary portion of Krishna who entered the womb of Devaki as the 7th child is celebrated as ______ by the great sages.
a)    Ananta
b)    Aniruddha
c)    Vasudeva
d)    Narsimha
03. Baladeva belongs to Krishna’s ______ quadruple expansion.
a)   1st
b)   2nd
c)   3rd
d)   4th
04. Kamsa in his previous birth was _______.
a)   Hiranyakashipu
b)   Marici
c)   Kalanemi
d)   Hiranyaksha
05. In the material world the Supersoul of all living entities is _______.
a)   Karanodakshayi Visnu
b)   Garbhodakshayi Vishnu
c)   Kshirodakshayi Vishnu
d)   Maha Vishnu
06. Of the _______ Marici is an incarnation.
a)    Mind
b)    Body
c)    Intelligence
d)    Moon
07. Only ______ can bring one in contact with the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
a)    Siddhi
b)    Yoga
c)    Meditation
d)    Bhakthi
08. Yashoda means "one who gives ______".
a)    Name
b)    Fame
c)    Wealth
d)    Health
09. In Orissa Mayadevi is known as ______.
a)    Durga
b)    Bhadrakali
c)    Vijaya
d)    Ambika
10. The son of Rohini is_________.
a)    Sankarasana
b)    Rama
c)    Balabhadra
d)    All the above

11. Any place where the Supreme Personality of Godhead is present by His ______ immediately becomes a ‘dhama’.
a)    Name
b)    Form
c)    Qualities
d)    Any of the above
12. A Cruel person after his death is transferred to the hell known as ______.
a)    Andhatma
b)    Tala tala
c)    Rasatala
d)    Kumbhipaka
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12
Answer: b a b c c a d b c d d a
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