Canto 10, Chapter 01: The Advent of Lord Krishna: Introduction – Quiz

01. Yadava dynasty in which Krishna appeared descended from _______.
a)    Sun
b)    Moon
c)    Kinnaras
d)    Gandharvas
02. Trivarga includes _____ where in people are religious for the sake of achieving a material position.
a)    Dharma
b)    Artha
c)    Kama
d)   All the above
03. ______ is called bhavausadha – the remedy to stop the repetition of birth and death.
a)    Krishna Katha
b)    Bhava Roga
c)    Gramya katha
d)    Prajalpa
04. Krishna conscious is beneficial for a ______.
a)    Devotee
b)    A non-devotee
c)    A brahmana
d)    All the above
05. Because of the vow on the verge of death , _______ had given up even drinking water.
a)    Sukadeva Gosvami
b)    Saunaka Rsi
c)    Parikshit Maharaj
d)    Suta Gosvami
06. When speaking of Krishna katha _______ are purified.
a)    The preacher
b)    He who inquires
c)    The people in general who listen
d)    All the above
07. Mother Earth assumed the form of a _______ and appeared before Lord Brahma and told him about her misfortune.
a)    Cow
b)    Bull
c)    Dwarf
d)    Calf
08. Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva with all other demigods approached to the shore of the ocean of________.
a)    Salt water
b)    Milk
c)    Sugarcane juice
d)    Liquor
09. Everyone worshipped Lord Vishnu by reciting Vedic mantras known as the ______.
a)    Brahma Samhita
b)    Vishnu Sahasra namah
c)     Purusha-sukta
d)     All the above
10. While in trance Lord Brahma heard the words of ______ Vishnu.
a)    Garbhoakshayi
b)    Maha
c)    Karanodakshayi
d)    Kshirodakshayi

11. The foremost manifestation of Krishna is _______.
a)   Vasudeva
b)   Sankarsana
c)   Pradyumna
d)    Aniruddha
12. ______ is known as Prajapati-pati.
a)    Lord Brahma
b)    Lord Shiva
c)    Lord Vishnu
d)    Narada Muni
13. _____ is described as maha-bhaga for his sober and upright personality.
a)    Kamsa
b)    Nanda
c)    Vasudeva
d)    Parjanya
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13
Answer: b d a d c d a b c d b a c
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