Canto 07, Chapter 07: What Prahlada Learned in the Womb – Quiz

01. Hiranyakashipu performed austerities at ______ mountain.
a)    Mandarachala
b)    Gandhamadhana
c)    Neeladri
d)    Nilachal
02. In the absence of Hiranyakashipu,the demigods attacked the demons headed by ______.
a)    Varuna
b)    Vayu
c)    Indra
d)    Brihaspati
03. When Kayadu was being dragged off mercilessly by the chief of demigods, ______ stopped and saved her.
a)    Vyasa Dev
b)    Narada Muni
c)    Prahlada
d)    Hiranyakashipu
04. When Indra heard that actually Kayadu had a great devotee in her womb________.
a)    He still continued to hold her in custody
b)    He released her but paid no respect
c)    All demigods circumambulated her 
d)    Indra did not believe in the words of Narada Muni
05. Narada Muni instructed both the mother as well as Prahlada who was still in the womb of his mother. These instructions were_______.
a)    Forgotten by both
b)    Remembered by both
c)    Forgotten by Prahlada as he was still unborn
d)    Forgotten by the mother as she being woman and less intelligent
06. Intelligence can be perceived in ______ states of activity.
a)    1
b)    2
c)    3
d)    4
07. Through polluted intelligence one is subjected to ______.
a)    Modes of material nature
b)    False sufferings due to material conditionings
c)    Consideration of material world as permanent
d)    All the above
08. To be disentangled from material life,_________.
a)    One must accept a spiritual master and render service unto him with great devotion and faith
b)    In association of saintly persons one should worship the Lord
c)    Glorify the transcendental qualities and activities of the Lord 
d)    All the above
09. In material world every materialists desires to achieve happiness and diminish his distress, however one is happy_________.
a)    As long as he works towards happiness
b)    As long as he does not endeavor for happiness
c)    Always
d)    He desires for extreme distress
10. Prahlada Maharaja explains ______ as the only goal of life.
a)    Charity, austerity and sacrifice
b)    Good etiquette and vast learning
c)    Being good Brahmans or great saints
d)    To render service to the lotus feet of Govinda, the cause of all causes
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10
Answer: a c b c d c d d b d
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