Canto 07, Chapter 06: Prahlada Instructs His Demoniac Schoolmates – Quiz

01. Prahlada Maharaja said that a sufficiently intelligent person should use the human form of body for activitities of devotional service _______ .
a)    When in youth
b)    From tender age of childhood
c)    As soon as activities of household life is finished
d)    If it is a male body
02. Human body although temporary is meaningful because________.
a)    Here we can have rational thinking
b)    Here one can perform devotional service
c)    Here one can earn livelihood
d)    Here one can control others
03. Prahlada Maharaja says, to use human form of life to achieve material happiness is not advisable because________.
a)    Material happiness in reality never exists
b)    Material happiness is always there
c)    Material happiness is automatically obtained according to one’s past fruitive activities
d)    None of the above
04. Human endeavor should be directed towards_________.
a)    Krishna Consciousness
b)    Economic development
c)    Liberation
d)    Religiosity
05. The attached householder simply for the satisfaction of 2 important senses ______ and ______ gets bound by material conditions.
a)    Hands and legs
b)    Smell and touch
c)    Feel and hear
d)    Genitals and tongue
06. An attached person in material existence always ______ from threefold miseries and never develops distaste for material existence.
a)    Enjoys
b)    Suffers
c)    Loves
d)    Desires
07. In this material world even those who are apparently educated are also caught up in ______.
a)    Bhakthi
b)    Devotional service
c)    Limited conception of family life
d)    All the above
08. The ultimate goal for the devotees of Narayana is________.
a)    Unlimited wealth
b)    Great happiness in material existence
c)    Eternal life
d)    Liberation from bondage of material existence
09. ______ can please the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
a)    Born in demoniac family
b)    Born in godly family
c)    Born in high caste
d)    All the above
10. Prahlada Maharaja considers ______ being transcendental.
a)    Surrender to the lotus feet of the Supreme
b)    Ritualistic ceremonies performed according to Vedic injunction
c)    The science of law and order
d)    Means of earning one’s livelihood

11. Prahlada Maharaja received the knowledge of Bhagavata-Dharma from_________.
a)    Vyasa
b)    Narada
c)    Kayadu
d)    Bhrama
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11
Answer: b b c a d b c d d a b
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