Canto 06, Chapter 01: The History of the Life of Ajamila – Quiz

01. The path of liberation is called ________.
a)   Nivrtti marga
b)   Pravrtti marga
c)   Hatha yoga
d)   None of the above
02. The process of repeated sinning and atoning is compared to ________.
a)   Sowing seeds on rock
b)   Bathing of an elephant
c)   Squirrel building the bridge
d)   Ant trying to catch the elephant
03. Sukadeva Gosvami says real atonement is ________.
a)    Atonement in perfect knowledge
b)    Acts meant to neutralize impious actions
c)    Subjecting oneself to rules and regulations of atonement
d)    All the above
04. To concentrate the mind ________.
a)    One must observe a life of celibacy
b)    One must undergo the austerity of voluntarily giving up sense enjoyment
c)    Regularly chant the holy name
d)    All the above
05. Ajamila was a ________ by birth.
a)    Brahmana
b)    Vaisya
c)    Kshatriya
d)    Sudra
06. Ajamila lost all his brahminical qualities by ________.
a)    Committing Vaishnava aparadh
b)    By killing animals
c)    By association of low-class woman
d)    Gambling
07. By being in association with the prostitute, Ajamila ________.
a)    Began spending whatever money he had inherited from his father to satisfy her
b)    Gave up all his brahminical activities
c)    Gave up the association of his beautiful wife
d)    All the above
08. Ajamila’s youngest son’s name born to the prostitute was ________.
a)    Jagannath
b)    Vishnu
c)    Krishna
d)    Narayana
09. When the time of death arrived, Ajamila was ________ years old.
a)    22
b)    60
c)    88
d)    120
10.    When Ajamila saw the servants of Yamaraja ________.
a)    He began to loudly call out the name of Lord Vishnu
b)    Began to call out for his son Narayana
c)    Called his first wife
d)    He began to run
11. The order carriers of Vishnu arrived at the death bed of Ajamila because ________.
a)    Ajamila was a brahmana by birth
b)    Ajamila had chanted the name Narayana without offense
c)    Vishnudutas do not like Yamadutas
d)    None of the above
12. The Yamadutas said ________ is the cause of entire cosmic manifestation.
a)    Yamaraja
b)    Lord Shiva
c)    Lord Brahma
d)    Lord Narayana
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12
Answer: a b a d a c d d c c b d
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