Canto 05, Chapter 26: A Description of the Hellish Planets – Quiz

01. Sukadeva Gosvami describes______________ hellish planets.
a)   20
b)   28
c)   30
d)   32
02. Hellish regions are located_________.
a)   Outside the Universe
b)   Within the covering of the Universe
c)   In different places in this planet
d)   In the intermediate space between the three worlds and Garbhodaka ocean
03. The king of pitas is _____________.
a)   Yamaraja
b)   Vayu
c)   Varuna
d)   Surya
04. The destination of a person who slyly cheats another man and enjoys his wife and children is the hell known as ___________.
a)   Andhatamisra
b)   Tamisra
c)   Raurava
d)   Taptasurmi
05. In ________ hell, ruru animals known as kravyada torment a person and eat his flesh.
a)   Tamisra
b)   Raurava
c)   Paryavartana
d)   Maharaurava
06. In ____________ hell a person is cooked in boiling oil for having cruelly cooked poor animals and birds alive.
a)   Visasana
b)   Kumbhipaka
c)   Asipatravana
d)   Suciimukha
07. For killing or tormenting insignificant creatures, one has to suffer in _________ hell.
a)   Kumbhipaka
b)   Andhakuopa
c)   Paryavartana
d)   Taptasurmi
08. In Vajrakanta hell,__________.
a)   Men and women are forced to embrace a red-hot iron form of the opposite sex
b)   The skin is torn and separated by red-hot iron balls and tongs
c)   One is thrown in a lake filled with worms where the worms feed on the person and person feeds on worms
d)   A sinful man is hanged on a silk-cotton tree full of thorns and pull him down forcibly and thus his body is severely torn
09. The destination at hell Pranarodha is for persons who__________.
a)   Heedlessly sacrifices animals simply for material prestige
b)   Kill animals unnecessarily in forest
c)   Are professional plunderers 
d)   Bears false witness or lies while transacting business
10. A householder who receives guests or visitors with cruel glances is put into the hell called ___________.
a)   Sucimukha
b)   Avata-nirodhana
c)   Paryavartana
d)   Ksarakardama
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10
Answer: b d a a d b b d b c
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