Canto 05, Chapter 20: Studying the Structure of the Universe – Quiz

01. Mount Sumeru is surrounded by _____________.
a)   Jambudvipa
b)   Siva dvipa
c)   Plaksadvipa
d)   Subhadra dvipa
02. On Plaksdvipa there is a tree shining like gold and at its root is a fire with 7 flames. This tree is__________.
a)   Plaksa
b)   Jambu
c)   Mango
d)   Banyan
03. Idhamajihva was the son of ________________.
a)   Maharaja Uttanupada
b)   Svayambhu Manu
c)   Maharaj Priyavrata
d)   Mahraja Dhruva
04. The inhabitants of Plaksdvipa live for _________ years and are beautiful like demigods.
a)   10
b)   100
c)   1000
d)   10000
05. The inhabitants of Plaksdvipoa worship the Supreme Personality of Godhead represented by________.
a)   Sun-God
b)    Moon-God
c)   Vayu
d)   Varuna
06. Plaksdvipa is surrounded by an ocean of ___________.
a)   Salt water
b)   Sugarcane juice
c)   Liquor
d)   Mango juice
07. Surasagara is the ocean of__________.
a)   Salt water
b)   Sugarcane juice
c)   Liquor
d)   Mango juice
08. Salmali tree on Salmalidvipa is the residence of _____________.
a)   Garuda
b)   Hanuman
c)   Crow
d)   Hawk
09. The inhabitants of Salmalidvipa worship the Supreme Personality of Godhead represented by_________.
a)   Sun-God
b)    Moon-God
c)   Agni
d)   Varuna
10. Kusadvipa is surrounded by ocean of__________.
a)   Liquid ghee
b)   Pure water
c)   Milk
d)   Butter

11. All dvipas were divided into __________ tracts of land, and have ___________ mountains and _______rivers and inhabitants divided into ______ castes.
a)   4,7,7,4
b)   7,4,7,7
c)   7,7,7,7
d)   7,7,7,4
12. In the Puskaradvipa there is a great lotus flower with 100000000 pure golden plates and this is considered as the sitting place of ___________.
a)   Lord Brahma
b)   Lord Vishnu
c)   Lord Siva
d)   Lord Indra
13. __________ divides the countries that are full of sunlight from those not lit by sun.
a)   Manasottara mountain
b)   Mount Sumeru
c)   Mandara mountain
d)   Lokaloka mountain
14. Lord has installed the Lokaloka Mountain as the outer border of the 3 worlds because ___________.
a)   It is the topmost of all
b)   All the luminaries from the sun distribute their rays throughput the 3 worlds and can never extend beyond Lokaloka mountain
c)   To block the evil going to spiritual world
d)   All the above
15. The sun is situated in the middle of the universe called ____________.
a)   Antariksha
b)   Paroksha
c)   Vimoksha
d)   Moksha
16. The sun God is also known as_________.
a)   Vairaja
b)   Martanda
c)   Hiranyagarbha
d)   All the above
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Answer: a a c c a b c a b a d a d b a d
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