Canto 05, Chapter 19: A Description of the Island of Jambudvipa – Quiz

01. In Kimpurusa-varsa, the great devotee ____________ is always engaged in devotional service to Lord Ramachandra.
a)   Jambavanta
b)   Sampathi
c)   Jatayu
d)   Hanuman
02. One cannot establish friendship with the Supreme Lord Ramacandra on the basis of________.
a)   One’s birth in an aristocratic family
b)   One’s personal beauty
c)   One’s sharp intelligence and eloquence
d)   Any of the above
03. The Supreme Lord has appeared in the form of Nara-Narayana in the land of Bharata-varsa at the place known as _______________.
a)   Badrikasrama
b)   Kedarnath
c)   Yamunotri
d)   Gnagotri
04. In the tract of land known as Bharata-varsa, there are many rivers flowing. The 2 main rivers (nadas) are_________.
a)   Brahmaputra, Sona
b)   Candravasa, Payasvini
c)   Yamuna, Sarasvati
d)   Mahanadi, Narmada
05. It is always a long cherished desire and prayer of the denizens of heavenly planets to__________.
a)   To go to Vaikunta as soon as possible
b)   Take birth as human beings in Bharata varsa and engage in pure devotional service
c)   To take birth in more higher and exalted planets
d)   To be personal associates of the Supreme Lord
06. The demigods feel that their high birth is not actually exalted because__________.
a)   Because there exists more higher births than they have at present
b)   There they are too much engaged in matrial sense gratification and hence tend to forget the lotus feet of Lord Narayana
c)   Still the anxiety for birth and death prevails
d)   Both b and c
07. The Supreme Personality’s special mercy on a devotee who approaches him with matrial desires is_________.
a)   He will bestow benedictions upon the devotee that will cause him to demand more benedictions
b)   Lord willingly gives shelter at His own lotus feet even though such a person does not aspire for it
c)   Takes away all his wealth 
d)   Instantly satisfies all his material desires
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Answer: d d a a b d b
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