Canto 05, Chapter 17: The Descent of the River Ganges – Quiz

01. _______________ extended His left foot to the end of the universe and pierced a hole in its covering with the nail of his big toe.
a)   Lord Ramachandra
b)   Lord Krishna
c)   Lord Narasimha
d)   Lord Vamanadev
02. Since the Ganges water descended on Dhruvaloka, Dhruvaloka is proclaimed as __________.
a)   Vishnupada
b)   Jahnavi
c)   Bhagirathi
d)   Vishnupadi
03. The topmost planet in this universe is ___________.
a)   Dhruvaloka
b)   Brahmaloka
c)   Swargaloka
d)   Maharloka
04. On top of Mount Meru, the Ganges divides into _________ branches, each of which gushes into a different direction.
a)   2
b)   3
c)   4
d)   5
05. The branch of Ganges known as ______________ falls onto the summit of Malayavan Mountain and from there cascades onto the land of ketumala-varsa.
a)   Sita
b)   Alakananda
c)   Caksu
d)   Bhadra
06. The branch of Ganges known as ___________ flows from the southern side and falls down on the tract of land known as Bharat-varsa.
a)   Sita
b)   Alakananda
c)   Caksu
d)   Bhadra
07. In tract of land known as ____________, the only male person is Lord Siva.
a)   Bharat varsa
b)   Kimpurusa varsa
c)   Ilavrata varsa
d)   Ketumala varsa
08. _____________, one of the quadruple expansions of the Supreme Lord, is the original cause of the existence of Lord Siva.
a)   Vaasudeva
b)   Pradyumna
c)   Aniruddha
d)   Sankarsana
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Answer: d a a c c b c d
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